Pevco’s Routing Infrastructure


We understand that the best pneumatic tube system is one you do not have to think about, let alone repair. Pevco’s Routing Infrastructure products are engineered to quickly deliver items between stations while requiring as little maintenance as possible.

Pevco systems are unique in that only three devices—station, diverter and blower—are required to support the delivery needs of any hospital, no matter how large and complex. Our solution combines the three devices with our software and electronics to create the most efficient and reliable system available.

Pevco Smart PathTMCarrier Routing System

Streamline delivery with Pevco Smart Path. Any one blower can handle any transaction from anywhere in the Smart Path system. This eliminates dependence on a single blower for an individual zone as well as downtime for blower preventive maintenance. Most transactions are completed in just two moves: vacuum and pressure.

Other benefits of Smart Path include:

  • Blower redundancy
  • Reduced wait times
  • Increased transactions
  • Direct carrier delivery

Pevco VectorTMDirect Delivery System

The largest hospitals and busiest labs, pharmacies and emergency departments require a pneumatic tube system that can keep up with their needs. Pevco Vector provides unlimited scalability and direct, streamlined delivery without the stops, waits and error-prone complexity of other systems. 

  • Provides maximum throughput—interconnecting 240+ stations 
  • Deliveries are completed in just two moves: vacuum and pressure
  • Unmatched reliability, maximum capacity and low total cost of ownership 

Pevco DriveTMRapid Departure System

Keep carrier departure wait times short and maximize transaction volumes during the busiest times of day with Pevco Drive, which:

  • Provides a staging area for carriers as they move between stations to eliminate bottlenecks and increase interzone capacity
  • Uses standard Pevco diverters and pipe, eliminating the need to stock additional spare parts or conduct additional maintenance 
  • Can be added as an upgrade to existing systems or integrated into new systems

Pevco upgrades existing pneumatic tube systems, even those made by other manufacturers.