MODERNIZE SEAMLESSLYwith Pevco Intelligent Transport

Pevco solutions are designed to be compatible with new and existing systems, and even with systems made by other manufacturers.

Once installed, pneumatic tube systems can be in service for 30+ years. To avoid the cost and disruption of equipment replacement, Pevco technology can be added to legacy systems.

Upgrade to advanced technology.

Often, upgrading to Pevco Atlas software and Pevco Link station touch controls is all that is needed to benefit from advanced analytics and tracking, while improving throughput and reducing errors.

Convert unreliable systems.

For other manufacturers systems’ with excessive faults and disruptions to service, Pevco can upgrade device hardware and electronics with minimal system downtime, extending system life and improving performance.

Expand existing systems.

Hospital expansion and construction projects are good opportunities to modernize. Pevco system analysts and designers work with hospital architects and planners to ensure new additions are integrated and compatible with the older parts of the system, while increasing capacity.

Pevco upgrades existing pneumatic tube systems, even those made by other manufacturers.