Pevco experts shaking hands, hospital blueprints


Pevco provides a complete suite of planning, design, simulation and analysis services tailored to the needs of healthcare architects, consultants, facility managers and clinicians.

  • On existing systems, Pevco analysts conduct station-to-station performance reviews, analyze inbound and outbound traffic between labs, pharmacies and blood banks, and review how staff uses the system to identify and resolve wait times and inefficiencies.
  • Pevco can upgrade legacy systems, even those made by other manufacturers. Whether you are experiencing excessive faults and disruptions to service, or you want to leverage the latest technology, upgrading to Pevco Atlas software and Pevco Link station touch controls often is all that is needed to benefit from advanced analytics and performance, while improving throughput and reducing downtime.
  • For new systems or expansions, our analysts use a database of material delivery records from hundreds of hospitals of all sizes and types to predict delivery flows to ensure a hospital’s needs are met before a single piece of equipment is installed.
  • Pevco is the only pneumatic tube system provider that runs real-time simulations using the same advanced software that our systems run on, ensuring a high level of accuracy and the ability to simulate and analyze the most complex systems.
  • We combine our expertise with hospital staff insights to create system designs that reduce costs, improve turnaround times and, most importantly, expedite patient care.
  • Pevco’s Pneumatic Tube System Specification for Hospitals is non-proprietary, making it easy for architects, consultants and general contractors to ensure a final installed product that seamlessly supports clinical staff on day one and into the future. Download Pneumatic Tube System Specifications.

Pevco is healthcare’s pneumatic tube delivery system expert.