Track Items from Start to Finish, Reduce Waste & Streamline Care

with Healthcare's Pneumatic Tube Delivery System Expert

Don’t Just UpgradeSTEP UP!

If you are considering changing your pneumatic tube system because your current manufacturer no longer supports it, or because it just doesn’t fulfill your hospital’s needs, it is time to consider Pevco.

If you’re going to change, change for the better.

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  • Reduce Product Loss Reduce Product Loss

    Reduces lost items with tube system delivery tracking – know exactly where an item is with detailed time stamp and location information with Pevco Link

  • Improve Turnaround Times Improve Turnaround Times

    Empower clinical staff with Pevco’s web app that displays real time pneumatic tube tracking information for pharmaceuticals, specimens and blood products

  • Increase Safety Increase Safety

    Shorten delivery times, improve overall system performance and add infrastructure redundancy with Pevco Smart Path pneumatic tube delivery routing system

White Paper:

Tracking Medical Items Sent in a Pneumatic Tube System: Barcode Technology Delivers Where RFID Falls Short

Learn why barcode tracking is a best solution today and in the foreseeable future because it enables the tracking of individual medical items — reducing loss and ultimately improving patient safety and care.

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Case Study:

Desire to Improve Safety and Patient Care Prompts Penn State Hershey Medical Center to Upgrade to a Pevco Pneumatic Tube System

“ Although Pevco has hundreds of customers across the country, their team brings a level of attention and responsiveness that makes us feel like we are their most important customer.”

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Why Pevco...

Pevco pneumatic tube systems – engineered for the 24/7 demands of healthcare – improve turnaround times by reducing human error and product loss associated with material delivery. With Pevco, pharmaceuticals, specimens and blood products are tracked and documented from origin to destination. Clinical staff know what was sent, when it was sent, when it arrived and where it arrived – and even who sent and received it. Hospital professionals have access to an easy to use web-app for real-time tracking data and delivery confirmation. Deliveries travel the most efficient route, ensuring patient critical materials arrive where they are needed quickly and safely. And maintenance and support is streamlined with Pevco’s industrial-grade equipment. Used by more than 650 leading hospitals in the United States, Canada, the Middle East and China, Pevco’s intelligent systems – compatible with other manufacturer’s pneumatic tube systems – can be added to existing hospital systems or installed during new construction.