REDUCE ERRORSwith Pevco Intelligent Transport

Pevco pneumatic tube systems reduce human errors by providing easy-to-learn station controls and software, and by integrating technology that stops errors before they occur.

Our solutions are compatible with new and existing systems, even those made by other manufacturers. For systems with excessive faults and disruptions to service, we can upgrade device hardware and electronics with minimal system downtime, extending system life and improving performance.

Man in wheelchair, medical technician looking at Pevco software, female and male medical staff

Our touch screen is designed to be intuitive. It provides clear prompts as well as confirmation messages to ensure your desired action is completed.

The software is configurable, so you only see the information relevant to you. Along with Pevco Pilot, it allows managers to create rules that guide how, when and where an item is sent.

Pevco’s software identifies who sends and receives high-value items, making users accountable.

By providing both active and passive error-reducing tools, Pevco ensures that clinicians have what they need to provide seamless patient care.

Pevco upgrades existing pneumatic tube systems, even those made by other manufacturers.