Medical staff viewing Pevco software on a computer screen


At the core of a Pevco pneumatic tube system is our advanced software and embedded technology that enable healthcare professionals to transport patient-critical items with confidence. Deliveries arrive on time every time, and are safeguarded from loss or damage.

Whether it’s Pevco Atlas determining and monitoring the most efficient route, Pevco Pilot applying item-specific delivery rules, or Pevco Auto-ID providing real-time insight into every carrier’s location, Pevco System Management products supply the intelligence to make sending and receiving specimens, drugs and blood products fast, safe and simple.

Pevco AtlasTM
Delivery Management Software

Pevco Atlas streamlines system operation with engineering and clinician dashboards, and an architecture that meets the needs of IT and network managers. Providing carrier routing, user verification, data management, fault handling and historical reporting, Pevco Atlas also:

  • Integrates with Active Directory and LDAP servers for user authentication
  • Supports multi-user logon; enables access from anywhere on a hospital campus
  • Integrates with Tyco C-CureTM and Lenel OnGuardTM employee access management systems
  • Integrates with BMS (building management systems) to provide consolidated management of building systems
  • Uses web service communications to share data with clinical workflow systems
  • Runs as a service on virtual machines and servers to comply with network management protocols

Pevco PilotTM
Intelligent Delivery

Available as an add-on to Pevco Atlas, Pevco Pilot applies item, user, location and time-specific attributes to deliveries to reduce turnaround times and errors. With Pevco Pilot, system managers create rules that govern how deliveries are managed, including:

  • Transaction priorities
  • Staff alerts
  • Data transfers to other clinical and operational systems
  • Access permissions
  • Location restrictions
  • Time-of-day restrictions
  • Item-specific handling rules

Pevco Auto-IDTM
Carrier RFID Tracking

Available as an add-on to Pevco Atlas, Pevco Auto-ID documents each carrier’s location—as well as departure, arrival and route—to enhance carrier management and tracking. With Pevco Auto-ID you can:

  • Automatically link a carrier to a delivery
  • Know when carriers are manually moved from station to station
  • Enhance accuracy of station carrier counts
  • Improve carrier maintenance programs

Pevco upgrades existing pneumatic tube systems, even those made by other manufacturers.