FIND MISPLACED ITEMSwith Pevco Intelligent Transport

Pevco helps clinicians locate lost or misplaced drugs, blood products and specimens by providing real-time delivery monitoring and tracking tools.

Pills, blood vials, blood bags

Avoid wasting time tracking down deliveries.

When a drug is misplaced after delivery, often the biggest cost is the time spent realizing the error and refilling the order. Pevco reduces the lost time by providing a real-time window into each delivery with the Pevco Atlas clinician dashboard.

Identify and eliminate errors.

When a system is used thousands of times a day, human errors are going to occur, such as hitting the wrong shortcut key. When they do, Pevco Atlas delivery management software gives managers and clinicians tools to quickly identify the error, determine the cause and fix the mistake.

Keep track of who sends and receives a delivery.

This reduces the chances of an error occurring. But should an item become misplaced, Pevco Passport employee identification system lets clinicians know whom to contact to resolve the problem.

Automate more actions.

With Pevco Auto-ID carrier RFID tracking system, the carrier used to transport an item is automatically linked to the delivery, providing another way to track an item from origin to destination and reducing the opportunity for something to go wrong.

Pevco upgrades existing pneumatic tube systems, even those made by other manufacturers.