Female clinician placing beam into delivery management station


Every pneumatic tube system transaction starts with a clinician who must deliver a specimen, drug or blood product to support the care of a patient. Pevco Station Management products are built to make a clinician’s job easier. They provide clinicians with the tools they need to make sending and receiving items intuitive and fast, while providing features that increase safety, visibility and accountability.

Pevco BeamTMDelivery Management Station

With user-friendly touchscreen controls, an ergonomic design and seamlessly integrated technology, Pevco Beam reduces errors and turnaround times, empowering clinicians to focus on patient care.

Features include:

  • ADA-compliant design for height and reach
  • Easy-to-clean, seamless Kydex™ arrival bin
  • Automated carrier RFID tracking and station carrier counts with Pevco Auto-ID
  • Drug, specimen and blood product delivery confirmations with Pevco Link
  • User proximity badge identification that integrates with Microsoft Active Directory™, Tyco C-Cure™ and Lenel OnGuard™ with Pevco Pilot

Pevco LinkTMTouch Control with Item Tracking

The only integrated system that tracks each item sent—specimens, drugs and blood products—not just the carrier, from origin to destination.

Pevco Link:

  • Limits human error with an intuitive touch control built for speed and accuracy
  • Reduces lost and misplaced items by providing real-time delivery tracking
  • Improves processes with detailed transaction reports that uncover bottlenecks and delays

Pevco PassportTMEmployee Identification

With Pevco Passport, a clinician scans their ID badge to link themselves to a delivery. When the delivery arrives at its destination, the clinician who accepts it can scan their ID badge too. This seamless credential verification ensures users are authorized and creates a complete audit trail.

Pevco Passport: 

  • Works with RFID proximity, magnetic swipe and barcode badges
  • Integrates with Active Directory, Lenel OnGuardTM and Tyco C-CureTM, so verification and documentation is always up to date
  • Supports the creation of customized user groups with various levels of permissions

Pevco upgrades existing pneumatic tube systems, even those made by other manufacturers.