MAINTAIN CHAIN OF CUSTODYwith Pevco Intelligent Transport

Pevco empowers clinicians to send and receive high-value and controlled items by providing a suite of products that track, monitor and document every aspect of a delivery.

Pevco enables users to document the specific item being transported, along with the staff who send and receive it. The carrier can be tracked via RFID along with the route and all time and location data. Every aspect of a delivery can be monitored in real-time and reviewed after completion for a complete audit trail.

Blood specimens, Medical technician scanning Pevco Beam, Female medical technician holding documents

Provides overall system management, as well as a window into active deliveries and retrievable historical reports.

Customizable to meet the needs of hospital managers, can track every item or only the most valuable.

Designed to document who sends and receives deliveries.

Seamlessly working in the background, tracks the location of every carrier—linking them to their deliveries.

Pevco upgrades existing pneumatic tube systems, even those made by other manufacturers.