SHORTEN TURNAROUND TIMESwith Pevco Intelligent Transport

Pevco helps clinicians reduce turnaround times by providing a real-time window into the items they send and receive.

Medical technician looking at screen, Medical staff and emergency patient, Medical team reviewing documents

Lab Technicians

See where inbound specimens are coming from so they can process OR and ED deliveries before more routine tests.
Pevco Atlas Clinician Dashboard


Know who sends and receives high-value and controlled drugs so they can deliver patient-critical items via the pneumatic tube system instead of using manual transport.
Pevco Passport Employee Identification System


Stay focused on patient care because the pneumatic tube system automatically monitors all deliveries and provides alerts when items are delayed.
Pevco Link Touch Control with Item Tracking

Quality Managers

Gain insight and oversight through analytics as well as integration with clinical and security software applications.
Pevco Pilot Automatic Intelligent Delivery System

Facility Managers

Access the delivery management software from anywhere inside the hospital and while off-campus with a secure web application.
Pevco Atlas Delivery Management System

Pevco upgrades existing pneumatic tube systems, even those made by other manufacturers.