CARRIERS Pevco’s TEC-6™ Trackable Ergonomic Carriers
Pevco’s TEC-6™ Trackable Ergonomic Carrier


Pevco’s TEC-6™ Trackable Ergonomic Carrier is built to stand up to the most demanding 24/7 hospital environment. Exclusively designed for 6” pneumatic tube delivery systems, our carriers are durable, leak-resistant and maintain lasting clarity.

The Pevco TEC-6™ carrier includes RFID tags with integrated barcodes to enable real-time tracking of every delivery and streamlined carrier inventory management when combined with Pevco Auto-ID™.

When combined with Pevco Link™, the contents of every TEC-6 carrier can also be tracked from origin to destination, providing an end-to-end audit trail.

With Pevco, know what was sent, when it was sent, when it arrived and where it arrived—and even who sent and received it.

Other features of the TEC-6 carrier include:

  • Ergonomic design with well-placed, comfortable hand-holds
  • Carriers can stand upright on end, making them easier to store and grab
  • Long-wearing nylon glide bands with an integrated anti-static seam
  • Tough, hardened steel hinges and low-profile latches
  • Pevco’s patented leak-resistant seal
  • Available foam inserts help protect fragile materials
  • Color options include blue, black, red, green and yellow

Pevco stocks standard 4” carriers as well. Call us at 800-296-7382 for more information or to order.

Pevco upgrades existing pneumatic tube systems, even those made by other manufacturers.