EXPAND CAPACITYwith Pevco Intelligent Transport

Pevco is the expert at increasing the capacity of systems that no longer meet the needs of a changing hospital. We can even upgrade systems made by other manufacturers.

Hospital staff looking at documents in busy hallway, Pevco system engineers, Exterior of emergency department entrance

First, we analyze the current system.

Pevco system designers are skilled at analyzing the performance of existing systems to determine the cause of bottlenecks and slowdowns.

We tailor solutions to customers’ objectives.

Stations can be added to busy departments to increase throughput. Zones, routes and tubing can be reworked to increase capacity and efficiency. And Pevco Smart Path, Pevco Vector and Pevco Drive technology can be integrated to provide maximum delivery capacity.

We plan and design to meet clinical needs.

For hospitals adding patient towers, expanding ERs and ORs, or increasing the capacity of their pharmacies and labs, Pevco engineers provide complete planning and design services to ensure clinical needs are met.

No matter the pneumatic tube system challenge, trust Pevco to deliver the solution.

Pevco upgrades existing pneumatic tube systems, even those made by other manufacturers.