Pevco, the leading pneumatic tube system manufacturer headquartered in the U.S., has been providing high quality, reliable pneumatic tube delivery systems to hospitals for over 40 years. Focused exclusively on healthcare, Pevco understands that fast, accurate delivery of pharmaceuticals, specimens and blood products is vital to providing the best patient care.


Pevco's Baltimore headquarters

Founded: 1978
World Headquarters: Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Employees: 100+
Customers: 650+ on three continents

Every day, leading hospitals rely on Pevco pneumatic tube systems to deliver patient-critical items when and where they are needed. Our extensive experience working in healthcare means Pevco understands the unique requirements of hospital construction and operation, as well as the importance of ongoing customer support. We engineer our systems to be long lasting and easy to install and maintain. And our technology is tailored to the needs of busy healthcare professionals. With Pevco, pharmaceuticals, specimens and blood products are tracked and documented from origin to destination. Clinical staff know what was sent, when it was sent, when it arrived and where it arrived – and even who sent and received it. Hospital professionals have access to an easy to use web-app for real-time tracking data and delivery confirmation. Deliveries travel the most efficient route, ensuring patient critical materials arrive where they are needed quickly and safely. And maintenance and support is streamlined with Pevco’s industrial-grade equipment.

Upgrade to Pevco  Under performing systems cost hospitals time and money—and frustrated patients and staff. Focused exclusively on the healthcare industry, Pevco has decades of experience converting insufficient pneumatic tube systems to efficient, reliable Pevco systems. Pevco is compatible with and can upgrade other manufacturer’s system with minimal system disruption.