Pevco understands that hospitals rely on their pneumatic tube system and that downtime is not only expensive – it adversely affects patient care. That’s why we offer a suite of support services tailored to the needs of facility maintenance professionals. With services like technician training, preventive maintenance, and help-desk, Pevco supports the team that supports the hospital.

Pevco is 100% focused on pneumatic tube systems for hospitals. This focus means our technicians, spare part managers, help desk staff and trainers are experts in their field. And since, once installed, pneumatic tube equipment can be in service for decades, our staff is skilled in not only new equipment, but legacy. From onsite service, to help desk support, to preventive maintenance, we partner with our customers to ensure their systems run at peak performance. We offer basic and advanced technician training classes to hospital staff responsible for pneumatic tube system operation. We also offer hands-on training to clinical staff users so they can send and receive pharmaceuticals, specimens and blood products with confidence.