Accurate fast delivery of pharmaceuticals is a critical part of quality patient care. If a pharmaceutical delivery is delayed or lost, patient care suffers, clinical staff lose time and money is wasted. Pevco pneumatic tube systems, with Pevco Link Content Tracking, empower pharmacy staff with real-time content tracking of every item sent from the pharmacy. By scanning pharmaceutical barcodes and the tube carriers they travel in, hospital professionals know the exact items sent, when they left the pharmacy, and when and where they arrived – all in real-time and all accessible to the pharmacy team at their station and through a web application.

For even greater security and accountability, Pevco offers tracked secure delivery for narcotics and other high-value items. When an item is sent with Pevco Link’s tracked secure feature, the staff person sending the item and the staff person receiving the item are documented for a complete chain of custody.

With Pevco:

  • Monitor deliveries, find missing items and analyze data with the user-friendly web application for real-time review of all transactions
  • Improve processes with detailed transaction reports that shed light on bottlenecks and delays
  • Limit human error with an intuitive touch control built for speed and accuracy

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