Nurses have an incredibly important job – to care for their patients. A nurse shouldn’t need to worry about whether or not a pharmaceutical is going to arrive or if the specimen they sent to the lab was ever delivered. That’s why Pevco designed its system to be easy to use and reliable. And more significantly, Pevco systems, with Pevco Link Content Tracking, enable nurses to track pharmaceutical, specimen and blood product deliveries from their origin to their destination – in real-time. With Pevco, nurses can focus on providing the best care because they know patient critical items will arrive when and where they are needed.

Pevco empowers nursing professionals with:

  • Real-time information about every delivery at their station and through a web application
  • An easy to use touch control with built-in station directories
  • Seamless integration with nurse call systems
  • Ergonomic and secure pneumatic tube carriers

Pevco pneumatic tube systems improve turnaround times by reducing human error and product loss associated with material delivery. Nurses know what was sent, when it was sent, when it arrived and where it arrived – and even who sent and received it. Pevco’s intelligent systems – compatible with other manufacturer’s pneumatic tube systems – can be added to existing hospital systems or installed during new construction.

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