High quality pneumatic tube delivery performance begins with quality planning and design. Since the demands placed on pneumatic tube systems are enormous, the planning and design need to be exact. Pevco engineers are expert at translating countless variables – system specifications, material transport dynamics, clinical staff workflows, infrastructure limitations, budget constraints – into effective and reliable pneumatic tube systems. Our engineers have the experience, the tools, and the resources they need to create cost-effective designs that ensure pharmaceuticals, specimens and blood products get to where they are needed, when they are needed.

Pevco also has the expertise to create effective solutions no matter the age, size or location of a hospital. Whether new construction, expansion or renovation, Pevco engineers deliver.

Planning and design criteria includes:

  • Construction type – new or renovation
  • Hospital’s physical size and layout
  • Location of high-use area
  • Number of beds
  • Plans for future expansion
  • User requirements
  • Types of items sent
  • Need to track each item delivered
  • Clinical work process flow
  • Projected transactions per location

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