Pevco SentryTM provides facility engineers with automated email notification of pneumatic tube system transaction details, advisories and alarms.


Sentry communicates with cell phones, laptops or any other email-enabled device.

Pevco Sentry:

Improves response time.

Notification of system-generated advisories and alarms allows staff to respond quickly.

Minimizes downtime.

When a station is out of service because of a full carrier bin, maintenance staff is instantly alerted.

Prevents misplaced products and patient care delays.

Facility engineers are notified when carriers fail to liftoff or reach their destinations.

Sentry can be customized to communicate with all levels of pneumatic tube system engineers and managers. By filtering emails to each addressee by station and type of event, communication is streamlined. System engineers receive only the critical information they need to keep the system—and their facility—running smoothly.