A delayed lab result means delayed patient care. Pevco pneumatic tube systems, with Pevco Link Content Tracking, reduce delays by tracking specimens as they travel from a nursing area to a lab.

Pevco systems enable clinical staff to know which specimen was sent, when it was sent, and when and where it arrived. Even the staff people involved can be tied to the delivery. This results in quicker turnaround times. More importantly, this virtually eliminates the chance of needing to obtain a duplicate specimen. Patients get their lab results faster, and nursing and lab clinicians have more time to focus on their jobs instead of looking for lost specimens.

With Pevco:

  • Monitor deliveries, find missing items and analyze data with the user-friendly web application for real-time review of all transactions
  • Improve processes with detailed transaction reports that shed light on bottlenecks and delays
  • Limit human error with an intuitive touch control built for speed and accuracy

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