Whether carrier delivery is slow, system downtime is frequent or outdated technology is affecting patient care, Pevco can upgrade other manufacturers’ systems with minimal disruption.

Feel Valued with Attentive Customer Care

At Pevco, we view every client relationship as a long-term partnership. Our managers, engineers and technicians are 100% focused on providing systems that deliver materials efficiently so healthcare professionals can deliver better care. From our 24/7 help desk to a hands-on management team, Pevco is committed to providing the best customer support.

Know the Status of Every Item Sent

Pevco Link Touch Control with Barcode Tracking enables clinical staff to track medical items from origin to destination – giving confidence to send the most sensitive items without worry. While RFID monitors carrier location only, barcode technology tracks the exact pharmaceutical, specimen or blood product for a complete audit trail – all accessible at the station and through an easy to use web application.

Deliver More Items– More Efficiently

Customers report an increase in daily deliveries and a decrease in total delivery time with Smart Path, Pevco’s advanced carrier routing system. System performance is streamlined by reducing carrier delivery delays found in other systems. Smart Path’s failsafe blower configuration ensures that deliveries continue uninterrupted even when one blower is down for maintenance.

Experience User -Friendly Products

We design our products to be familiar and comfortable for the professionals who use them every day. Our station bins are engineered to position incoming carriers in the order they arrive. Pevco TEC-6 carriers are ergonomically designed to allow easy handling and loading. Pevco Link has an intuitive touch control which makes using our system as simple as operating a tablet computer.

Take Control of Transaction Data

Every hospital deserves quick access to reliable data about the items sent each day. Pevco’s dependable Smart System software makes it easy to adjust station settings, monitor traffic, analyze data and prepare detailed reports. With Pevco Link’s touch control and web app, real-time transaction information is available to every user – 24 hours a day.

Pevco is compatible with and can upgrade other manufacturer’s system.
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