Section 14.92.00
Pneumatic Tube System Specification for Hospitals
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Once installed, pneumatic tube systems are in operation for decades. They are used every day, all day. They must be reliable. They must require little maintenance. They must be flexible to accommodate hospital expansions and adaptable so new features can be added as technology advances. And, since space in a hospital is valuable, the tube system’s physical footprint must be small.

To obtain these characteristics and more, you need the right system specification – one that incorporates current needs and anticipates emerging requirements, while reducing risk for general contractors and owners.

Pevco’s 14.92.00 specification is non-proprietary, making it easy for architects, consultants and general contractors to use without time-consuming editing. And it specifies every element of a tube system to ensure the final installed product seamlessly supports clinical staff on day one and well into the future.