As a hospital evolves over time to better care for its patients, the requirements and expectations of its pneumatic tube system can evolve too. Pevco has the expertise to modernize any pneumatic tube system, regardless of manufacturer, in order to help medical professionals manage change and deliver the highest level of patient care.

System Expansion

We have decades of experience modifying and expanding hospital pneumatic tube delivery systems. Our delivery systems are designed with flexibility in mind so a system can grow and change as a hospital does. Whether you need to add one station or one hundred, we can expand your existing system regardless of manufacturer.

Content Tracking with a Real-Time Audit Trail

Pevco Link™ is the only system that tracks the exact items sent in a tube system, and not just its carrier—reducing waste and improving turnaround times. Available with new systems and as an upgrade to Pevco and other manufacturers systems, Pevco Link can also document the staff people involved so you can send high value blood products and pharmaceuticals with confidence.

Enhanced Delivery Routing

Pevco Smart Path,™ available as an upgrade to other manufactures systems, as well as for new and existing Pevco systems, is an advanced carrier routing technology that reduces transaction times while increasing system reliability by enabling one blower to handle a transaction from start to finish.

Planning and Design

Pevco provides a complete suite of planning and design services tailored to the needs of healthcare architects, consultants, general contractors and facility managers. Whether new construction, expansion or renovation, our engineers and system analysts are ready to work hand-in-hand with hospitals managers to create a cost-effective modernization plan that streamlines deliveries and reduces turnaround times.

Analysis and Simulation

The more items that travel by tube, the more time and money is saved. Have confidence that your pneumatic tube system investment meets your material transportation need with Pevco analysis and simulation consulting services.

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