Healthcare professionals rely on their pneumatic tube system to quickly and safely deliver pharmaceuticals, specimens and blood products. Slow delivery slows patient care. And slow care not only increases costs but can adversely impact outcomes. That’s why Pevco has created advanced simulation software and developed the expertise to model and analyze the most complex systems. Our analysts test system designs against actual and predicted material delivery flows to ensure a hospital’s needs are met before a single piece of equipment is installed.

Pevco maintains a database of material delivery records from hundreds of hospitals of all sizes and types. We use this historical data in cases where actual data is lacking, such as new hospitals and expansions, to help predict material delivery requirements between departments. We also talk with clinical managers to understand their work processes so we can determine how many deliveries may occur between any two locations. Pevco combines its expertise with hospital staff insights to create system designs that reduce costs, improve turnaround times, and, most importantly, expedite patient care.

Pevco system analysts work with clinical staff, facility managers, consultants and architects to:

  •  Perform station-to-station performance reviews
  • Analyze inbound traffic to labs and outbound traffic from pharmacies and blood bank
  • Review how personnel use the existing system
  • Determine how personnel plan to use the new systems
  • Review maintenance histories
  • Benchmark against historical databases
  • Conduct computer simulations to determine optimal designs

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