Pevco Smart Path™ delivery routing system increases the overall performance and dependability of pneumatic tube systems to help healthcare professionals deliver reliable, timely patient care.

  • Blower Redundancy
  • Reduced Wait Times
  • Increased Transactions
  • Direct Carrier Delivery
  • Energy Savings

With Smart Path, any one blower can handle any transaction from anywhere in the Smart Path system. This eliminates the dependence on a single blower for an individual zone and effectively eliminates downtime for blower preventive maintenance. And with Smart Path, most transactions are completed in just two moves – vacuum and pressure.


Smart Path can be added to an existing Pevco system, added to another manufacturer’s system, or installed during the construction of a new hospital.


By using one blower for a transaction from start to finish, instead of powering up a new blower for each new zone a carrier enters, transactions take less time and use less energy.


Pevco Smart Path eliminates dependency on any one blower per zone. If a blower is off-line because of mechanical failure, electric outage or maintenance, any other blower within the Smart Path can accomplish the delivery ensuring that stations remain in-service and patient needs are met.