Pevco offers pneumatic tube stations for every need within a hospital. All station options are compatible with both 4” and 6” tube systems and made from tough, powder-coated steel and industrial grade electronics.

Pevco stations are engineered to send and receive carriers quickly and safely so staff can focus on patient care. Station padding, designed to absorb noise, lines the floors and walls for quiet carrier arrival. Carriers are easy to retrieve since they land at an ergonomic height and in an organized fashion. Sloped station bins position carriers in the order they arrive. Our stations, equipped with Pevco LinkTM user controls and an optional barcode reader, have powerful tracking capabilities that help reduce error. Standard and Compact Stations mount flush with a wall, saving valuable floor space. Versatile Compact Stations have additional installation options, including counter mount. Pevco Delivery Stations position arriving carriers in the order they are received.
Tube system station