Pevco Atlas Delivery Management System

Pevco Atlas, the next generation pneumatic tube delivery management software suite, is built for healthcare professionals with a multi-user dashboard, tools for technicians and clinic staff, and intuitive graphics that make it easy to monitor deliveries in real-time.



  • Optimized to run on multiple platforms including servers and virtual machines
  • Integrates with Active Directory and LDAP servers to streamline sign-on and authentication
  • Allows other hospital information systems to request and receive delivery and system status information thru its Pevco Ion™ API
  • Its dashboard, Pevco View™, is easy to use, multi-user and accessible from any networked computer
  • Facility technicians sees all controls and data while clinicians see delivery specific information
  • When combined with Pevco Link™, each unique item delivered is tracked (not just the carrier),providing an end-to- end audit trail
  • Intuitive interface makes filtering data, adjusting settings and monitoring performance simple
  • Transaction history and events are stored in a SQL Server database
  • Routing is managed by the reliable and time-tested Pevco Core™ engine

Map Frame


Pevco Atlas’ map frame shows a live image of the entire system with the ability to zoom in on zones or individual devices to access additional information and functionality.

Transaction Frame


Pevco Atlas’ transaction frame displays the details of each delivery in list form, enabling a facility technician to easily monitor and control every stage of a delivery.