From detailed item tracking that reduces waste, to industrial-grade equipment that is built to last, to real-time delivery monitoring that streamlines care, Pevco’s pneumatic tube products are tailored to the needs of hospital clinicians and engineers. Pevco’s intelligent products – compatible with other manufacturer’s pneumatic tube systems – can be added to existing hospital systems or installed during new construction.

  • Pevco Link<sup>™<sup>
    Pevco Link

    Track the exact item sent, improve turnaround times, reduce waste and speed care.

  • Pevco Link Web App<sup>™</sup>
    Pevco Link Web App

    View real-time tracking data for pharmaceutical, specimen and blood products

  • Pevco TEC-6<sup>™<sup>
    Pevco TEC-6

    Comfortable to grip, durable construction, and high performance glide bands

  • Pevco Smart Path<sup>™<sup>
    Pevco Smart Path

    Increase system performance, decrease delivery times and increase safety

  • Pevco Delivery Stations
    Pevco Delivery Stations

    User friendly, quiet and easy to maintain, Pevco stations are engineered for healthcare.

  • Pevco Diverters & Blowers
    Pevco Diverters & Blowers

    Dependable and long lasting, Pevco Diverters and Blowers are built for 24/7 operation.

  • Pevco Sentry<sup>™<sup>
    Pevco Sentry

    Automated email notification of system transaction details and alarms

  • Nurse-Call Integration
    Nurse-Call Integration

    Stay focused on patient care with automated pneumatic tube carrier arrival alerts

  • Pevco Security Door
    Pevco Security Door

    Added protection for high-value pneumatic tube system deliveries

  • Pevco Point-to-Point<sup>™<sup>
    Pevco Point-to-Point

    Compact reliable point-to-point systems are a cost-effective way to connect two locations.

  • Pevco Atlas<sup>™</sup>
    Pevco Atlas

    The next generation of pneumatic tube delivery management software.

  • Pevco View<sup>™</sup>
    Pevco View

    Pevco View Traffic Dashboard provides clinical staff and managers with real-time pneumatic tube system delivery information

  • Pevco Passport<sup>™</sup>
    Pevco Passport

    Pevco Passport offers seamless credential verification to identify who sends and receives pneumatic tube deliveries.