Composed of carriers, tubes, blowers, stations, diverters and a computer control center, hospital pneumatic tube systems are designed for the high-speed, cost-effective delivery of small materials weighing up to 6 lbs.

Carriers are reusable plastic containers that hold and protect items sent through a pneumatic tube system. Foam inserts can be placed inside a carrier for additional cushioning.

Steel tubes, available in 4” and 6” diameter and mounted inside ceilings and mechanical rooms, form a network through which carriers travel at speeds up to 17 miles per hour.

Blowers are large fans that move carriers through the tubes via vacuum and pressure.

Delivery stations positioned throughout a facility allow personnel to send and receive carriers with the touch of a button.

Diverters, switching devices used at branching points within a tube network, allow carriers to travel between any two delivery stations.

A computer control center monitors all carrier traffic and calculates the fastest path for each transaction.

To help manage traffic flow, systems are often divided into zones consisting of a few to a dozen stations each. Diverters and inter-zone tubes allow carriers to travel between zones.

In a healthcare setting, a pneumatic tube delivery system allows for the fast, safe and reliable transport of pharmaceuticals, lab specimens, blood products and supplies throughout hospital clinical laboratories, pharmacies, emergency rooms, operating rooms, patient care areas and other locations much more quickly and safely than using a courier. Cost analyses by hospitals of all sizes show that pneumatic tube delivery systems cost less over time than employee couriers. The largest hospitals may even save millions of dollars per year.

Pevco pneumatic tube delivery systems are designed with flexibility in mind. Whether you’re building a new system from the ground up, adding to an existing Pevco delivery system, or replacing or adding to another manufacturer’s system, our delivery systems can grow and change as a hospital does.

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