hospital tube system item tracking touch control

Pevco Link Touch Control with Content Tracking is the only system that tracks each item sent and not just the carrier—reducing waste and speeding care.

  • Locate lost specimens and misplaced pharmaceuticals
  • Send blood products with confidence
  • Improve turnaround times

The Pevco Link system features a touch control and barcode reader at the station, as well as a transaction database and real-time web application.

Pevco Link home screen
Pevco Link scan documentation screen
Pevco Link directory

Pevco Link tracks the exact item delivered – from origin to destination. It not only reduces lost materials, but improves turnaround times and allows clinical staff to stay focused on patient care. With Pevco Link™, every carrier, along with its contents and even the sender and recipient, can be documented and tracked – giving users the peace of mind that items will arrive when and where they are needed.

Built for speed and accuracy, Pevco Link:

  • Reduces lost and misplaced items by providing real-time delivery tracking including where an item originated and where it’s going, along with detailed time stamp information.
  • Helps improve turnaround times with its detailed transaction reports that shed light on bottlenecks and delays
  • Streamlines deliveries with Twelve Shortcut Keys— customizable for each station—making the transactions to the most frequent destinations simple
  • Saves time with a built-in A to Z Directory that provides a complete list of station addresses that is easy to use and update

Pevco is compatible with and can upgrade other manufacturer’s system.